Botala Energy Limited is an Australian oil and gas company focused on exploration and development opportunities for natural gas in Botswana.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is of great importance to the Board of Botala Energy Ltd. The Company's Corporate Governance framework has been designed to address the company's responsibilities to each of its stakeholders (including its shareholders, employees, contractors and the broader community) in a manner that will maximise the contribution of the Board and management to the success of the business.

The Board is continuing to review and develop its corporate governance practices and this webpage will be updated with policies and procedures as they are formally adopted by the Company.

Company Constitution




 Audit and Risk Committee Charter

 Corporate Governance Plan and Board Charter

 Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter


Company Policies

 Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

 Code of Conduct

 Continuous Disclosure Policy

 Diversity Policy

 Environmental Policies

 Performance Evaluation Policy

 Policy on Selection Appointment and Rotation of External Auditors

 Risk Management Policy

 Shareholder Communications Policy

 Social Media Policy

 Social Policy

 Statement of Values

 Trading Policy

 Whistleblower Policy